Best Happy Hour in West Seattle

Moroccan and Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant

W e s t - S e a t t l e || & || C a p i t o l - H i l l

Many dishes can be made gluten free or vegan; please inform your server of any dietary needs.


Brunch Platters

served with potatoes and seasonal fruit

Casablanca Benedict: Braised goat, poached egg, harissa hollandaise, house made semolina bread 14  -Veg Option  11  

Turkish Breakfast (veg): Soft boiled egg, turkish feta, manchego, black olives, tomato & cucumber salad, fig preserves, saffron honey, nutella, fresh bread  10 – sub GF bread 1.5

English Breakfast: 3 eggs any style, linguisa sausage, spiced white beans, grilled tomatoes, fresh bread  12   sub GF bread 1.5

Moroccan Breakfast: Moroccan spiced eggs, lamb meatball, spinach, bell pepper, onion, garlic, fresh bread  12  –sub GF bread 1.5

Dutch Pancake Options:  Apple & Cinnamon; Pineapple & Cheese; Meat, Cheese & Spinach  

Veg Option 10    –Meat Option 13

Sujuk and Eggs: Turkish cured sausage, fried egg, parsley, fresh bread 12   sub gf bread 1.5

Tomatillo Enchiladas: 3 eggs any style, tortilla, choice of meat, cactus, mozz, tomatillo sauce, creme fresh, fresh bread  12

Good ‘Ole Omelet (gf)(veg): Spinach, mushroom, zucchini, red onion, garlic  8  –add meat 3

Moroccan Tortilla (gf)(veg): Traditional potato/onion (room temp) omelets, seasoned with Moroccan spices, garlic aioli, fresh fruit, chop salad  9

S a n d v i ç

served with salad *sub gf bread 1.5

Khoudra Sandviç (veg): House made garbanzo & lima bean fritters, grilled tomato, red cabbage, onion, cilantro-garlic sauce  10

Køfte Sandviç: Spiced beef meatballs, grilled tomatoes, onion, parsley, garlic-cilantro sauce  11

Sujuk Sandviç: Turkish sausage, grilled tomatoes, mozz, parsley  11

Lamb Breakfast Burger:2 Moroccan spiced lamb burgers, caramelized onions, egg, harissa aioli   13   add goat cheese 1.5

B r u n c h   T a p a s

Breakfast Soup du Jour: Rotating selection, fresh bread  7

Maakooda (veg): Moroccan spiced potato cake, harissa aioli, lemon-garlic aioli, micro greens  4

Fruit & Saffron Honey:   Seasonal fruit with house made saffron honey 6

S i d e s

House Semolina Bread 3

Fig Butter 2

Basket of Bread 3

Roasted Potatoes 3

Egg any Style 3

Moroccan Spiced White Beans 4

Choice of Meat: House made Chorizo, Linguisa, Ground Lamb, Ground Beef, or Sujuk  4

B e v e r a g e s

Moroccan Tea   4

Spiced Moroccan Coffee   4 

Orange Juice   5

Grapefruit Juice   5

Kombucha   6

A d u l t   B e v e r a g e s

Sangria Mimosa Flagon: Cava, rum, creme de cassis, fresh OJ, fresh fruit, mint  (serves 2-5)    27

1/2 Sangria Mimosa Flagon: Cava, rum, creme de cassis, fresh OJ, fresh fruit, mint  (serves 1-3)    19

Harissa Bloody Mary: Secret mix, pickled carrot, piparra pepper, olive   9

Mimosa: Choice of OJ or Grapefruit   8

*Locally Roasted QED Coffee*