Best Happy Hour in West Seattle

Moroccan and Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant

W e s t - S e a t t l e || & || C a p i t o l - H i l l

Many dishes can be made gluten free or vegan; please inform your server of any dietary needs.


V e g e t a r i a n

Fresh Ras L’Hanout Bread & Dips: ask server for daily selection   8

Dolmes (gf)(veg): three rice-stuffed grape leaves, goat cheese, roasted red bell pepper  3

Moroccan Spiced Olives (gf)(v): harissa, garlic, herb spiced olives  4

Moroccan Chop Salad (gf)(v): cucumber, tomato, red onion, embellishments  4

Cumin Beet Salad (gf)(v): beets, red onion, cumin, cilantro, vinegar, micro greens  4

Cheese Platter (veg): Manchego, Valdeon Blue, house made honey-fruit goat cheese, seasonal fruit, crostini, balsamic reduction 12  sub gf bread 1.5

Zaalook (v): spiced & roasted eggplant, tomato, served on baguette 5   sub gf bread 1.5

Maakooda (veg): moroccan spiced potato cake, harissa aioli, lemon garlic aioli, micro greens  4

Tortilla Española (gf)(veg): traditional Spanish onion/potato omelet, harissa aioli, micro greens, fine Spanish olive oil- served room temp   4

Arugula Salad: strawberry, gorgonzola, roasted walnut, heart of palm, strawberry vinnie  8

Stuffed Dates (gf)(veg): three eggplant wrapped dates, goat cheese, micro greens, balsamic reduction 4

Khoudra Burger (veg): house made garbanzo & lima bean fritter, roasted tomato, red cabbage, onion, pickles, garlic-cilantro sauce  6   sub gf bread 1.5

Spicy Harissa Vegetable of the Day (gf)(v): sun dried tomato, toasted almonds   6

M e a t  &  S e a f o o d

Moorish Boquerones: baguette, moroccan spiced avocado purée, Spanish boquerones, angel egg, piquillo pepper, micro greens, salmon roe, harissa aioli  6  – sub gf bread 1.5

Bouzrouk (gf): mussels, lobster stock, onion, smoked garlic, harissa, preserved lemon tapa 7 entree 15 add sujuk or linguisa 3

Squid Steak (gf): capers, onion, bell pepper, avocado aioli, red cabbage- choice of spice level  10

Spanish Paella (gf): arroz, prawn, scallop, squid, linguisa, house made chorizo, bell pepper, green peas, lemon, cilantro  15

Lamb Brochette (gf): 3 leg of lamb skewers, chunky artichoke dip  10

Moroccan Lemon Chicken (gf): chicken, preserved lemon, onion, garlic, cilantro, parsley, green olive, ras l’hanout  8

Bone-in Goat Tagine (gf):  tagine braised, bone-in goat (be careful!), apricot, almonds, ras l’hanout, house made semolina bread  -tapa size 10   -sub gf bread 1.5

Chicken Bastillaspiced almond chicken in filo pocket, sweet cinnamon dust, saffron honey, candied almonds 9

Beef Tenderloin (gf): plancha grilled, herb roasted new potatoes, moroccan olive truffle butter, demi, micro greens, truffle infused olive oiltapa size 12  -entrée size 20

Berbere Burgerberber spiced lamb, harissa aioli, caramelized onions, micro greens 7 -add goat cheese 1.5 -sub gf bread 1.50

Lamb Meshwi: spiced leg of lamb, blueberry compote, baguette, dijon 9  sub gf bread 1.5

Moroccan Meatball (gf): moroccan spiced beef, tomato sauce 7  -add egg 1.0

S w e e t   A f t e r t h o u g h t s

Full Tilt Ice Cream (veg): goat cheese & fig, filo crisp, sherry gastrique  5

Ancho Reyes Cayenne Chocolates (gf)(veg): house made ganache chocolates, berry-mango puree 6

Alaska Silk Blood Orange Torte (gf) (veg): polenta base, blood orange buttermilk silk, strawberry puree 7

!!! Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness